If we compare Ayurveda and traditional medicine, we can observe that traditional medicine cures the problem mainly, and Ayurveda finds the cause of the disease and eliminates it, maintaining overall health. There are no magical rituals in Ayurvedic procedures. Massage and oil, daily routines and proper nutrition have a beneficial effect on the vital functions of the body as a whole. I have tried many traditional Ayurvedic methods and procedures on myself and I will notice that the body, thanks to them, receives additional energy and strength.

Our courses allow you to undergo Ayurveda training online from any country in the world. All classes are broadcast live, and upon completion, you can watch the recording class several more times to consolidate knowledge. The uniqueness of our courses is that studies are combined online and further, if desired, in India, where you can confirm your qualifications in an authentic Ayurveda training center. Particular attention in our course is given to such a procedure as Ayurvedic massage.

I hope our meeting on this site was not accidental, and you can learn about Ayurveda as a science of a noble and harmonious life, and by creating harmony within yourself and in the surrounding space, you can share it with other people. Because of this the world around you will become better.

See you on the course!

Founder of the Ayurveda+ school
Andrey Verba